The House Where Colour Lives


Stine Goya

The House Where Colour Lives

Inside Stine Goya’s Pastel-Hued Copenhagen Home.

Entering Stine Goya’s house in Copenhagen, what immediately sets you swooning is the distinctive use of colour. The lavender-painted walls of the hallway, topped by a sky-blue ceiling, from which hang three bonbon-coloured glass lights, have a combined effect that is unexpected, fresh and delicious. This is a house where colour lives.

Those familiar with Goya’s eponymous Danish womenswear label, founded in 2006, will not be surprised. A high mistress of hue and print, her fashion designs conjure the bold and unusual with such finesse that one can easily find oneself considering a tangerine dress, aqua trousers and floral-print coat, all at once, and in the middle of winter. The atmosphere in her home is just as enticing. “I work with colour on the walls in almost the same way I do with my brand,” she says. “I love living in colour and to work in a colourful universe.”