Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner, founded by Birgitte Raben, stands as a dynamic and exclusive fashion brand committed to realising dreams. In a world where adventure is often sidelined, its collections uniquely weave stories of travel and dreams, imparting individuality to each style.

The brand is characterised by high-quality, handmade products that epitomise traditional Eastern craftsmanship and the allure of hand-dyed tie-dye pieces at its core. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a presence in Bali, Indonesia, Rabens Saloner thrives on global collaboration and commitment.

Unyielding in its dedication to traditional craftsmanship, the brand embraces the unhurried dance between human artistry and nature’s rhythm, refusing to compromise. With four collections annually, spanning a diverse array of styles, Rabens Saloner caters to the urban L.A. type and the sophisticated city woman alike.

Creative Director Birgitte Raben encapsulates the brand’s ethos: “The essence of Rabens Saloner is the feeling that everything is made by heart. Handmade and hand-dyed using traditional craftsmanship, its garments ensure no two tie-dye pieces are identical.”


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