Lulu Copenhagen

Lulu Copenhagen

LULU Copenhagen is a contemporary jewellery brand founded in 2014 by the couple Anja & Rasmus Gottliebsen.

It all began a New Year’s Eve a long time ago with two wishes for the future. Anja resolved to wear dresses more often and to build a business. Both succeeded.

Anja always loved everything about jewellery and Rasmus had a big interest in design, so they challenged themselves to create a jewellery brand from a product design mindset.

Thru simple, affordable and playful design Lulu Copenhagen aims to inspire and empower women to stand out and live their lives with as much fun as possible.

With the mission statement – Less Is Enough – they remind customers to only buy products they really fall in love with. This is the reason their candy ear studs are sold one at a time.


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